Members Of Staff

Pastor Gregory L. Lowe

Senior Pastor

A man chosen and ordained by God, Senior Pastor Gregory L. Lowe is a unique gift to the Body of Christ.  Standing in the governmental offices of the teacher, pastor, and evangelist … he ministers with a cutting edge anointing.  For over 20 years, Pastor Gregory has worked in Kingdom ministry, spreading God’s Word, evoking change, touching the lives of  people from all walks of life, as his footsteps are directed by God.  Though a serious Kingdom man, he employs a unique godly humor, that supports his revelatory flow. A strong lover of the Word of God, Pastor Gregory can be found studying to show himself approved unto God.  He is an avid reader, and a doer of the Word … as well as a hearer.As a founding shepherd of “Healing Waters Assembly”, he pastors with the love of his life, Dr. Beverly Carnes-Lowe. They stand united as one, postured to rule and reign for the King and His Kingdom.

Their blended family of three sons and one daughter, have given them five beautiful grandchildren. Pastor Gregory truly displays a shepherd’s heart as a prolific pastor, and a tremendous teacher.  Fulfilling one of his life mandates found in Matthew 4:23, Pastor Gregory is always found as Christ was … preaching, teaching, and healing all! His true heart of compassion enables him to serve God’s people from a place of strength.  He spreads healing to all he meets in life.

His spiritual growth is noted in comparison to his service to the King of Kings. Even before he said yes to the pastorate, he was always found serving, working and fulfilling destiny.  He served in one church for over 18 years, and another for 14 years, so he possesses a strong finishing grace measured with perseverance and stability. Pastor Greg served in many ministerial capacities as chairman of the New Members Fellowship, chairman of a Christian Business Association, Director of a street witnessing campaign, leader at various fraternity associations. A man anointed to minister healing, he served at a women’s shelter for over four years sharing God’s Word, witnessing to the lost, and providing prophetic counsel, and the wisdom of God to wounded, broken women.

One of his strongest yet hidden gifts is the Gift of Giving. As a man of strong faith, he is used as a secret Kingdom giver to sow and be a blessing without needing public recognition. God has used him to bless many  people, many churches, several outreach ministries, several community ministries. He operates in the Gift of Faith and possesses the faith and obedience to give … as God unctions him to give.  His life models his favorite scripture, Matthew 6:33, “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be added unto you. 

For over 30 years, Pastor Gregory has functioned in the marketplace with a spirit of integrity and the character of Christ. As a CEO and entrepreneur of his own business, he also has a passion for financial investment in foreign currency trading.  He has fulfilled extensive corporate leadership courses, and achieved the completion of a two year certificate in entrepreneurial training and development.  He is anointed for Kingdom business and money management.

 He has earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Biblical Studies from Gospel Ministry Outreach Theological Institute in Houston, TX. He also earned a Master’s and Doctorate Degree in Christian Ministry with an emphasis in Christian Education and Pastoral Counseling from Midwest Christian College.Currently he serves as Senior Pastor with his wife as Co-Pastor and is also an adjunct professor at Healing Waters Biblical Institute & Seminary.

Because Jesus commanded us to enjoy life abundantly, Pastor Greg and Dr. Beverly both appreciate the beauty of God’s creation.  Together they enjoy walking, playing chess, golfing, dining out,  and riding their “Cadillac bikes” along the scenic Chicago lakefront.  They enjoy working side by side in the ministry, establishing the Kingdom of God, vacation travels, and most importantly … fulfilling God’s purpose for their blessed union.  Senior Pastor Greg will  bless your life immensely!



Dr. Beverly Carnes-Lowe

President / Clinical Psychocologist

Dr. Beverly Carnes-Low

In 2001, Father God called and chose Dr. Beverly to usher in a new ministry that in turn, would usher women into identifying and fulfilling their God-given purpose to the earth.  As a result of her submission to His will, the ministry “Leading Ladies”: A Woman’s Journey to Divine Purpose and Destiny” was born.  “Leading Ladies” provides mentorship and leadership to women from all walks of life.  Its purpose is to cause women to recognize and then become responsible for their unique gifts, talents, abilities, and spiritual graces, as together….we all strive to lead others….even as we follow Christ.

Dr. Beverly serves in ministry as a Co-Pastor with her husband, Rev. Gregory L. Lowe. Together with her husband, she joyfully serves Healing Waters Ministries as the Pastor/Teacher and Prophetess representing the five fold government of God set in that house.  Dr. Beverly is a woman of authority and a woman under authority.  Because of her desire to obey the softest whisper of her God, she facilitates wholeness through the Spoken Word, in ministering to the emotional, psychological and spiritual needs of all humanity.  Ordained in ministry and degreed educationally, using counseling modules based upon Biblical precepts.  Dr. Beverly is heavily used by the Father God to restore healing to broken, fragmented lives and to introduce the joy of His plans and purposes to others throughout the continental United States and futuristically abroad.

Healing Waters Counseling Services was founded by Dr. Beverly Carnes-Lowe over 20 years ago.  Dr. Beverly supervises an unusual cutting-edge ministry that ministers to the triune person, in a way that facilitates wholeness and redemption.  Dr. Beverly entrenches full healing of the whole person and the total cancellation of fragmented, broken and destroyed lives using state-of-the-art counseling modes, intensive Bible-based counseling, support group participation, guidance, spiritual and social adjustment programs, and annual conferences.  Dr. Beverly employs every possible measure for the restoration to that which was hurting to fully bring it into total healing and recovery!

In 2004, Father God called and chose Dr. Beverly Carnes-Lowe as the founder and President of Healing Waters Biblical Institute & Seminary  (HWBIS). Training God’s people to use God’s Word for God’s people.   HWBIS is a conservative, evangelical, interdenominational Christian college founded to make degrees affordable. HWBIS holds accreditations with the two largest accrediting bodies, Accrediting Commission International (ACI) & America Association of Christian Universities (ACU).

Dr. Beverly Holds the following earned degrees: Ph.D in Pastoral Counseling from Midwest Christian College and Seminary in Schererville, Indiana, a Master of Arts in Social Work from the University of Illinois in Chicago, Illinois, Bachelors of Arts in Psychology from Roosevelt University in Chicago, Illinois. Dr. Beverly also serves as an adjunct professor and President at Healing Waters Biblical Institute & Seminary in Chicago, Illinois and also at East-West University in Chicago, Illinois.  Truly Dr. Beverly is God’s agent of healing!

A woman whose life is fragrant with purpose, Dr. Beverly stands sent to the Body of Christ and the world at large, fulfilling the mantle of healing that has been sovereignty placed upon her life.  Founder and CEO of Healing Waters Counseling Services, Dr. Beverly passionately leads a strong team of volunteers and intercessors that provide a modicum of strength and solidarity to the ministry and vision to which she has been called.  As a Christian mental health therapist, she compassionately breaks the yoke of mental, emotional, and spiritual bondage, releasing peace and acceptance.